925 sterling silver is a hypoallergenic that is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Sterling silver will last a lifetime if you look after it. When you are not wearing your sterling silver jewellery store it in a pouch to protect it from sunlight, moisture and oxygen. Silver will tarnish if it is not looked after but can be cleaned to restore it to it’s original quality. silver is best suited to those who take there jewellery off before showering.

Silver is the most energy conductive metal on the planet. It can be all too easy to focus only on the crystal your jewellery has, while ignoring the type of metal it uses.

Are you wondering why the metal we case our crystals in matters? Metal attracts & retains the qualities emitted by crystals. When working with crystal energy you are working with light. Silver is the best metal to use when working with light, whether it is physical, energetic or divine.

The metal that transmits this energy is a major factor in how your crystal energy flows through to you & into your environment. That's why I choose to work with the best materials earth has to offer?

silver will last a lifetime and if you care for sterling silver it will survive beautifully for many generations.