Affirmations are essentially a statement of positive intent. When you voice what you wish for out loud, you are heard by the Angels. Affirmations help you create your life with your thoughts. Speaking affirmations can be done at any time of the day that is convenient for you. We encourage practicing this ritual in the morning in order to start your day with good vibrations, however this is also a great ritual to perform when you are feeling surrounded by negative energy. Crystal jewellery is so convenient because you can connect to your favorite stones everywhere you go.
1. Hold or wear your crystal jewellery as you say your affirmation out loud. your crystals will hold your intentions and stay with you throughout the day, even if it's not on your conscious mind.
2. Take a deep breath in & exhale slowly. Allow any tension in your body to dissipate before speaking your positive words. Repeat this three times. 
3. When you are relaxed, say your chosen phrase aloud to yourself three times. The power of three is universal as it contains a beginning, middle & end connecting your mind body & spirit. 
Happy creating