Crystal healing has been around for thousands of years, used as an alternative medical technique to heal ailments and protect against disease.

In recent years, crystals have become more popular in assisting users to heal their mind, body and soul, by promoting the flow of good energy and helping to get rid of negative energy.

When using crystals for healing, you should always make sure they are cleansed before use to remove any built up energy they are holding. Crystals absorb and release energy so it’s important to regularly cleanse them make sure they are recharged. You can cleanse and charge crystals & crystal jewellery in many ways, some examples being;


Due to Selenite’s ability to magnify and absorb energy, as well as its self-cleansing properties, they are an extremely popular choice when cleansing other crystals. To cleanse crystals using Selenite, the more contact the crystal has with Selenite, the faster and more thoroughly it will be cleansed. You can place your crystals on a Selenite cleansing plate, however if you don’t own a cleansing plate you can simply place your crystals Jewellery near your Selenite crystal to cleanse them. This is a method that we highly recommend using to cleanse your crystal jewellery.


Salt water is another effective way to cleanse crystals. Submerge your crystals in a glass bowl filled with salt water and leave them in the bowl overnight. You can also run your crystals under tap water if you don’t want to use salt water. Please note that some crystals cannot be submerged in water as it can effect their appearance and properties, so check that the crystal you are wanting to cleanse can be submerged in water before doing so. Some crystal jewellery can be submerged in salt water, however we do not recomend this practice when it comes to your crystal jewellery. We feel a special attachment to all our crystal jewellery and want to make sure they live a good life.


Smudging is another method used for cleansing and removing negative energy. It is done by burning either a smudge stick or incense (made from sage, Palo santo or other herbs) and holding your crystal into the smoke to cleanse the stored energies. We recommend this practice for cleansing your crystal jewellery.


Moonlight is also a great ways to cleanse and charge your crystals. Leave your crystals to bathe in the moonlight overnight to cleanse all of the negative energy they may be holding, and allow the energy from the moon to recharge them before you use them next. If you forget to collect your crystals the next day, don’t stress, as some crystals can also be left to cleanse and charge in the sunlight. Make sure to check which crystals can be safely left in the sun as some will fade or react to direct sunlight (such as clear quartz or amethyst). Alternatively, you can perform a Full Moon or New Moon ritual to cleanse and charge your crystals, as the moon’s energy is strongest when Full (see our previous post ‘Understanding the Lunar Cycle’ for more details on how to perform a Moon cleansing ritual). Although ritual cleansing is often centred around certain points of the Lunar Cycle, you can leave your crystals to cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight at any time. We recommend this beautiful method of cleansing & charging for your crystal jewellery.

If you are using or wearing crystals often, it is important to cleanse and charge them regularly in order to remove stagnant energy and ensure that they charged with positive and clean energy so that they function as effectively as possible the next time you use them.