Affirmations are essentially a statement of positive intent. When you voice what you wish for out loud, you are heard by the Angels. Affirmations help you create your life with your thoughts. Crystal affirmations are a powerful way to use crystals. Crystal jewellery is so convenient because you can connect to your favourite stones wherever you are.
Hold or touch your crystals as you say your affirmation. Your crystals will strengthen the energy of your Affirmations. To make your Affirmations even more powerful match them with the attributes of your crystals. For example, Rose Quartz crystal represents the heart chakra. A complementing affirmation to Rose Quartz could be; "I am loved and supported." Your Affirmations can start with " I am...", " I can...", "I know...", or framed anyway you want. It is best to keep your Affirmations short and simple. You can repeat them as often as you wish, and at any time of the day. Our words have power. 
Happy creating xoxo