Adding crystals to your bath can be a great way to benefit from their healing properties. Ritual baths are a perfect way to reconnect and revive after a long day, or busy week. You don't need to have 100 healing crystals, simply one will do. I transform my bathroom into a high vibe crystal sanctuary once a week and you can too by following these few simple steps.




  • 1 glass jar (for storage of your ritual soak).
  • 1 cup epsom salts.
  • 1/2 cup sea salt.
  • 1/4 cup of organic dried flowers and herbs ( I used dried rose petals and organic chamomile tea).
  • 5-10 drops certified 100% pure, natural essential oil ( I used lavender oil).


What you will need:

  • aromatherapy candles (as many as you desire).
  • 1 Stick palo santo.
  • crystal or crystals


Here is a list of the crystals I use in my bath:

  • Amethyst- Deepen relaxation
  • Rose Quartz- Infuse love energy
  • Smokey Quartz- Feel grounded
  • Selenite- Replenish energy
  • Citrine- Balancing and aligning
  • Carnelian- Sexual energy and love


Making your soak:

Mix epsom salt, sea salt, dried flowers, herbs and essential oil in a large bowl. Store your ritual soak in a glass jar.

 how to:

Draw your healing bath, including your ritual bath soak and set the mood with some aromatherapy candles. Smudge your space and light palo santo this will clear any negative or heavy energy from the room, set your positive intentions. It could be as simple as "I am blessing this water with roses and the intent of loving myself,  letting my inner beauty shine through like the sun. Say what you feel is right, whatever resonates with your spirit at the time. Now it's time to soak, lower yourself into the bath bringing your crystals into the water with you so you can absorb their energy even more potently. While visualizing your supercharged water and imagine the ingredients from your ritual soak absorbing all the energies that no longer serve you. You can use this time to connect with your crystals through meditation or relaxing with a good book. You deserve this time to pamper yourself. Rise out of the bath after 20-30 minutes, and visualize the energies that no longer serve you going down the drain. Lather yourself in oils. After my ritual soak, I like to take a moment to write down my goals and how I am going to make them happen!


Post crystal ritual bath soak crystal care:

After a bath, rinse your crystals and dry them off. Then smudge your crystals to cleanse them.


Safety first:

I recommend using tumbled stones. check your stones for cracks. Do not use your crystals in the bath if they are cracked in any way.

always do your research to check that the crystals you choose to take into your bath are safe and non-toxic to submerge in water.

Never use a dyed stone in water.

Slowly submerge your crystals into your bath warming them gradually some crystals are temperate sensitive and may crack if you expose them to heat or cold quickly.