DIY Crystal & Sage smoke bundles

Lift your spirits and raise your vibrations with your very own DIY gorgeous Flower & Sage Smoke Stick. These beautiful smoke sticks will make a beautiful gift for your spiritual friend.

I believe everyone should have the right to benefit from the powerful medicine that is herbal smoke. We just need to be clear, respectful and sustainable in our smoking practices. I choose to smoke cleanse rather than smudge. Smudging is disrespectful to certain cultures, however the act of smoke cleansing is not inherently spiritual or specific to any certain culture, the way that smudging is. We must always look where these traditions originally come from so we treat them respectfully & sustainably.

Materials needed:
• Fresh or dried herbs
• Flowers and petals
• 1 Small raw Crystal of your choice ( I used Clear Quartz).
• Natural twine (raffia, or cotton), cut a piece that is 5 times the length of the      stick.
• Scissors.

Here are a list of Crystals I like to use:

Rose Quartz Crystal - Self love, compassion, forgiveness.
Amethyst Crystal - Rebalancing, protection & calming.
Clear Quartz Crystal - Cleansing & healing
Black Tourmaline Crystal - Protection & balancing (great for stress relief).
Fluorite Crystal - Peace, focus, positivity.

Be sure to correctly identify the plants & herbs, and only gather plants that are abundant, that are not poisonous when burnt and have not been sprayed.

For these I used dried common sage, cedar, eucalyptus, lavender and rose petals. You can use fresh or dried flowers & herbs. I chose to use dried today so I can use my smudge stick straight away & show you the finished product. If you choose to use fresh ingredients you will need to leave your smoke stick to dry out for approximately 2 or 3 weeks. The leaves must be completely dry to burn so wait until you are sure your bundle is dry. If a leaf breaks when you bend it, it’s ready to use. Remember that your smoke sticks will shrink as your herbs and flowers dry, so make it fatter than your desired final size.

I recommend you use local flowers & herbs and only pick what you need never take to much from the planet than what you need. If you are purchasing already dried white sage be careful to check that it is ethically sourced. You can use lavender, rosemary, rose petals, thyme, cedar or pine.

1. Bundle together your herbs and flower.

crystal and Sage Smoke bundles
2. Tightly secure the base with a secure knot.

3. Wrap your twine up tightly, spiraling around your bunch, remembering to pull the string as you go. Wrap the string toward the top of the bundle before returning to the base.

4. Hold your crystal of choice at the base with your finger and wrap your twine around it a few times to secure it into place finish with a tight knot. Cut any excess string.

Raw crystal smoke bundle for cleansing your crystal jewellery
5. If you are using fresh herbs & flowers dry your bundles evenly by placing them apart or hanging them in a dry room.

crystal jewellery cleansing sticks DIY

To use your bundle: Remove the gemstone from the smudge stick and position it in the area you intend to cleanse. Light your smoke stick on a 45 degree angle so that you see orange embers only, not a flame. Move about your space freely in a manner of intention with slow movement. You can recite a mantra or prayer or just think about what you are trying to achieve from your smoking ritual. Every person smokes differently, do what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Use your bundle to cleanse & set your intentions for your crystals and crystal jewellery. When you are finished, you can put the sage out in a shell or other flame-proof surface, or leave it burning.