Moon phases

For many years people have followed the lunar cycle as it is said to hold a frequency that can affect and influence the thoughts and impressions in our subconscious mind.

There are two parts of the Lunar Cycle; waxing and waning. Each part contains four phases, those of which are complete over a cycle of 28 days. Each phase provides its own spiritual meaning and energy and in whole is a powerful tool for meditation and manifestation.

New Moon - first phase

The new moon is the first moon of the lunar cycle, representing new beginnings. This is the best time to plan new intentions, to acknowledge goals and to decide what positive changes you are wanting to make, as well as taking time to gather energy and recharge. Perform a new moon manifestation ritual by charging your crystals under the moonlight, meditate and visualise what you desire. You can also perform a smoking ceremony with ethically sourced sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your crystals, yourself, as well as the space around you.

Crescent Moon- second phase

The next phase is the crescent moon. During this moon, focus on setting your intentions and putting them into action. Practice gratitude and speak positively to strengthen your energy, send your desires into the world. As the moons energy builds, so will yours.

First Quarter Moon - third phase

The first quarter is all about working on your energy to optimise your manifesting. Begin with meditation and continue to focus on your positive energy. Once you’ve locked in your positive energy, you can make an action plan on how to achieve your goals.

Gibbous Moon - fourth phase

The gibbous moon is a high energy phase as the moon is almost full. It’s time to double up on your energy and focus on your intentions, as it can seem like things aren’t going to plan during this time. This is the perfect time to meditate, practice gratitude or say some affirmations to keep you on the right path.

Full Moon - fifth phase

The moon is now at its full manifesting power, and will assist with emotional revelations and release. Release the things that no longer service you and that are preventing you from manifesting your intentions. This is the best time to charge up your crystals or write a list of all the things you’d like to release and let go of. The full moon tends to make people a little emotional, so this is also a good time to meditate and practice self love.

The Disseminating Moon - sixth phase

The full moon has passed, and you might be left feeling a little out of sorts. Now is the time for gratitude; to pause and be grateful for this process. It’s also important to be open to receive whatever is coming, and acknowledge that process, too. Sharing your thoughts and gratitude with others at this time is also a very powerful process, as you reflect on the lessons learnt. Cleanse yourself and any negative energy you have with your crystals or by smudging.

The Last Quarter - seventh phase

We have nearly reached the end of this lunar cycle, and the last quarter is the perfect time to review your intentions, what didn’t work for you and what you can do differently in the next cycle. Continue to manifest your intentions but most importantly, take some time out to reset and focus on nourishing yourself.

Dark Moon - final phase

Similar to the Last Quarter, this phase is all about reflection and restoring your energy. Release all negative energy and let go of the things that no longer serve you. Try not to focus on manifestation during this period, but rather focus on cleansing your mind and reorganising yourself and your intentions for the New Moon.

It is easy to follow the lunar cycle, and by simply opening yourself to the magic that is the moon, you can help yourself become more intuitive to your own subconscious mind and learn how to balance and understand your own energy. So grab a crystal, run a bath and begin your journey this New Moon on the 15th of December.