You will notice that I have been incorporating Moonstone crystal into many of my jewellery designs lately. Let me tell you why: Besides the fact that it is beautiful, I love searching for it’s rainbows. I first became really drawn to moonstone when I fell pregnant. As we are drawn to the stones we need at the time, there is no surprise moonstone chose me at this stage in my life. She chose me to help prepare me for this important transition. She guided me through my pregnancy journey, helping me make decisions about my lifestyle & diet. She helped me see that my body wanted me to nourish it, with more natural foods. She helped me open my mind to see the values & morals that I wanted to teach my child & how I wanted to raise her.

Moonstone is undoubtedly the ultimate Crystal for women. It helps you physically, emotionally & mentally: during menstruation, whilst preparing yourself for pregnancy, during pregnancy, during birth, after birth, while breastfeeding & also in menopause. Moonstone helps balances your emotions & hormones. Moonstone strengthens your intuition which is often heightened during pregnancy. I believe you should always listen to your gut when making decisions which impact yourself & your children's health & wellbeing. Moonstone is a stone of reflection that helps you look deep within yourself resulting in self-improvement & spiritual growth. Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon, making it a great tool to use during your moon cycle rituals. Use Moonstone as a reminder of your manifestation goals. Moonstone promotes dreaming, which is beneficial to us because it is a cleansing tool. Although dreams may not always make sense to us, it is our minds way of releasing certain feelings, stresses and traumas it is the souls way of healing. Bad dreams are especially helpful. When we’re awake, we’re not supposed to be constantly breaking down the walls of our emotional hurt. Our soul cleanses at night so we can function and be productive during the waking hours. This enables us face what’s going on in our life, without been scared of life & it's journey.

Moonstone can also help ease menstrual or tension headaches. Lay down in a dark room, close your eyes & place your moonstone on your forehead & relax for however long you need. If you are someone that is prone to headaches & menstrual cramps I recommend wearing a piece of jewellery containing moonstone. prevention is always better than the cure.