Selenite  Medium Tower
Selenite  Medium Tower
Selenite  Medium Tower
Selenite  Medium Tower

Selenite Medium Tower

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Chakras: Crown

Elements: Moon


Selenite has a very high vibration, yet it is a calming stone, instilling deep peace and serenity. It's said to be the "Stone of mental clarity", enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening the ability to make good decisions. Selenite is an excellent crystal for meditation, holding a piece in your hand is said to help drain any negative energy from the body, while placing a piece in the home is said to ensure a peaceful atmosphere. One of the wonderful properties of Selenite is that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. It never needs cleansing and should never be immersed in or cleansed with water.



Approximate size: 15cm

Selenite cleanses negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Place your tower on your bedside table to help you wake feeling centered and balanced.

Please note: each piece is intuitively chosen for you. The picture represents the quality and size you can expect to receive however the stones are raw and truly unique.

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