925 Sterling Silver

925 sterling silver is a hypoallergenic that is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Sterling silver will last a lifetime if you look after it. Additionally we coat our jewellery with a protective layer that gives your pieces a bright & glossy finish. When you are not wearing your sterling silver jewellery store it in a pouch to protect it from sunlight, moisture and oxygen. Silver will tarnish if it is not looked after but can be cleaned to restore it to it’s original quality. silver is best suited to those who take there jewellery off before showering.


Gold plating 

Our gold plated jewellery is plated with a high quality 14k gold. The gold plating is 2 microns thick and has been bonded over a 925 sterling silver base. Our gold plated jewellery is lead and nickel free, as well as hypoallergenic. Additionally we coat our jewellery with a protective layer that gives your pieces a bright & glossy finish. Our gold plated jewellery is of premium jewellery standards.


Gold Vermeil

(Not to be confused with gold plating as it is a much higher standard)

Our Gold vermeil jewellery is a high-quality thick layer of solid gold bonded over a 925-sterling silver base. The gold thickness is 2.5 microns, this offers a very thick layer of solid gold that will not rub off. The layer of gold vermeil is 5 x thicker than most gold-plated jewellery on the market. Additionally, we coat our jewellery with a protective layer that gives your pieces a bright & glossy finish. Gold vermeil is lead and nickel free, as well as hypoallergenic. The layer of gold vermeil will last for years if correctly cared for. Gold vermeil jewellery offers a high-quality product with an affordable price point and is a great alternative to solid gold. Please keep in mind that gold vermeil is not solid gold & should be treated with care to maintain its quality. It wears differently with each person depending on diet, climate, use of cosmetics and lifestyle. Over time your pieces may fade to a soft rose tone.

 gold vermeil jewellery


Metals Rubbing 

We love layering our jewellery here at SAHARA BLUE CO. However please keep in mind that layering your pieces can cause the metals to rub together & may affect the wear of your jewellery.

Recycled Sterling Silver & Precious Metals

We use recycled sterling silver to assure that no additional mining is needed to create our jewellery. Unfortunately, the 14k gold vermeil method is not available using recycled gold, however once it becomes an option, we will make the switch.

Crystal Artwork

Each piece is handmade by me in my home art studio, made by an epoxy resin pour. Epoxy resin is a a clear, liquid adhesive that I bind with paint, crystals and other materials to create texture. I then use a blowtorch to move & mix the resin to create different designs. The resin dries to creating a beautiful, glossy finish. Every piece is unique & may have small imperfections on the surface of the resin such as tiny bubbles, ripples or small particles that have found a way to the painting and cured within the resin during its 24-74 hour drying process, if you would like to see more photos or video's of a particular piece please contact me through my Instagram or my SAHARA BLUE CO. contact page.