Why It Is So Important That the Jewellery We Wear Is Ethically Made

As a maker of crystal jewellery, I take great pride in creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful, but for me, the process of creating jewellery goes beyond aesthetics. It's crucial to me that my jewellery is ethically made and that the stones I use are ethically sourced.

When crafting ethically made jewellery, it's essential to consider the impact of the materials used. When stones are mined or harvested without consideration for the environment or the workers involved, negative energy can be imbued in the stones, and this energy can be passed on to the wearer of the jewellery, detracting from the special meanings and energies associated with the stones.

In addition, ensuring that the workers involved in the creation of ethically made jewellery are treated fairly is essential. The energy and intention that goes into making a piece of jewellery are just as important as the materials used. If workers are not treated well, that energy can be felt in the final product, and the intended positive energy of the jewellery is lost.

By prioritizing ethical practices in the creation of my jewellery, I can ensure that my pieces are not only beautiful but also imbued with positive energy and intention. When my customers wear my ethically made jewellery, they can feel good knowing that they are supporting a business that values ethics and sustainability.

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