Tips to Finding your Perfect Ring Size
A sizing guide is available at the bottom of each ring product description.  Please refer to this and then measure around the widest part of your fingers (the knuckle) with a tape measure. For rings with a thicker band, we recommend going up a size than what you would normally select. I do however recommend you go to your local jewellery shop where they can measure your finger and give you a more accurate fitting. Our rings are in US sizing.
Jewellery Care Instructions
  • When you are not wearing or transporting your precious items store your jewellery in its box or pouch to avoid damage from sunlight, oxygen, moisture and excessive heat.
  • Fasten the locks on chains so they don't tangle while being transported. It is important to keep each piece separate while transporting so they don't scratch one another.
  • Air exposure can wreak havoc on your sterling silver. don't leave it on a nightstand or open in a jewellery box. If storing for long periods, place in an airtight bag to avoid tarnishing.
  • Our items are handmade and fragile so wear them with care. Treat your purchases with care and make sure you don't knock them against any hard surfaces, drop them, crush or catch them on fabric.
  • Don't swim with or shower with your precious items this can discolour the metal parts and can damage some stones.
  • Protect your items from hairspray, lotions and perfumes they can discolour the metal parts & some stones.
  • Don't sleep in your jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing during exercise to avoid damage to your jewellery.
  • If you choose to layer your jewellery please keep in mind that the metals rubbing against each other may affect the wear of the pieces.
  • Wipe with a soft, cotton ball or lint-free cloth after each wear to remove access oils from the surface.
  • Gently rub your piece in one direction, wiping away any dirt or oils. 
  • Be gentle with chains to avoid stretching.
  • Do not use a brush. This will compromise the clear protective topcoat.
  • Do not use impregnated silver polishing cloths on gold vermeil or gold-plated jewellery. These cloths contain chemicals specifically for cleaning silver & will damage the gold coating.
  • Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Opal care - Avoid high temperatures & or low humidity extremes. Opals are a soft stone & boiling water can crack the stone due to the fact they are made up of 5-6% water. Do not wear your opal jewellery in the shower or swimming water can damage your opal. clean your opal with a damp cloth with mild detergent, never soak or immerse your opal in water. Hairsprays, perfumes, moisturizers & hand sanitisers will damage your opal.

We stand behind our product & their quality, however, due to the nature of individual skin acidity and product we adviser that you follow these tips to keep your jewellery in great condition for many years to come! Gold Vermeil is not solid gold and should be treated with care to maintain its shine. It wears differently with each person depending on diet, climate, use of cosmetics and lifestyle.

Artwork Care Instructions

Our crystal wall artwork includes real crystals that can be sharp. Wear appropriate gloves while handling for your safety.

I use Epoxy Resin for my crystal canvases. Epoxy resin is a clear, liquid adhesive that I bind with paint, crystals and other materials to create texture. Epoxy resin is UV sensitive, appropriate UV blockers are used in the formula but it may yellow over time with exposure to sunlight or failure to follow the provided care instructions. Keep all pieces out of direct sunlight.

Epoxy Resin can be easily scratched and marked. Avoid the use of chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Treat your artwork like glass, clean with a gentle window cleaner and soft cloth. Gently cleaning your artwork will help your piece stay clear and shiny. To remove dust between textured areas, I recommend use a microfibre duster.

SAHARA BLUE CO. is not liable for any damage or injury related to the artwork being handled or cared for incorrectly.


Jewellery, Artwork and accessories purchased from Sahara Blue Co online store come with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase. This covers manufacturing faults and defects. It does not cover accidental breakage and general wear and tear, such as scratched, tarnished or faded jewellery.

Faulty items

Every care is given to ensure your jewellery & artwork arrives in perfect condition if anything is wrong you can return it for a replacement. Please email us at admin@saharablueco.com to arrange.