Most people choose crystals on the way that they look later discovering that the healing properties of the stone are exactly what they needed in their life at the time. This is because crystals find us and come into our lives for a reason.

We suggest browsing our entire range of crystals and jewellery without clicking on the descriptions. Take note of any pieces you are drawn to. Notice if any of the crystals you were immediately drawn to have made a lasting impression.

Do your eyes keep drawing you back to a particular piece? There is a reason why.

Read their description and ask yourself does this resonate with me at this time? If the answer is yes, you have found your crystal.

You will find the right crystals will call out to you based on what you need in your life at the time. If it's calling for you, you'll soon work out why. As long as you choose quality stones there is no right or wrong way to choose crystals. Whatever feels right to you. Trust your instinct, they never lie.