Silver Angel Wings of Protection Ring

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  • 14k gold vermeil hoop earrings.
  • Angel wings design.
  • Ethically handmade.

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The silver angel wings ring was inspired by my mother who was a constant source of inspiration. This remarkable ring, featuring a stunning moonstone and rose quartz crystal. Its intricate design serves as a constant reminder that you are never alone and that your guardian angels are always watching over you, offering protection and guidance. Whenever you wear this exquisite sterling silver ring, may you feel the loving presence of your angels by your side. 

  • 925 Sterling silver. 
  • Angel wing coin pendant set with a 2mm round cut Moonstone & Rose quartz crystal. 
  • Angel wing pendant approximately: 19mm x 20mm.
  • Band width: 2.7mm.
  • Back of the ring is engraved with the words "I am protected".
  • Angel wing pendant has a hammered & polished finish.
  • Ethically handmade: You can be assured that our pieces are created with low impact on our beautiful, planet & craftsmanship is performed by men & women, who labour in a healthy, safe, work, environment.
  • Design exclusive to SAHARA BLUE CO.
  • Comes gift wrapped with a crystal meaning card & jewellery care instructions. 

About the Stone


Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye & Crown

Birthstone: June

Element: Water

Moonstone affirmation - I am ready to find my true destiny.

The moonstone crystal will facilitate your connection to your inner goddess. It represents fertility and sensuality. Moonstone encourages new beginnings, personal growth and strength. It is the perfect crystal for cleansing the mind of negative emotions.

Wear moonstone if you wish to benefit from it’s other, many positive powers: Happiness, good fortune, nurturing, mothering, unselfishness, love, spiritual insight, hope, easy childbirth, safe travels, abundance and wisdom.

Rose Quartz

Chakras: Heart

Birthstone: October

Elements: Earth, Water

Rose Quartz Affirmation- I am worthy & deserving of love in my life. I am able to give & receive love with ease.

Rose quartz is the gemstone of the heart. A crystal of unconditional love. It brings with it a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. Place rose quartz near your heart to allow love and kindness to flow freely.


"Awaken the Magic Within Yourself"